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Chiraan Chidambar Create your badge. Upcoming Events. Real time visitors! E remedies. Most Commented Post. My Best posts. Personal Favourite. Sadhana and Remedies. Once the purpose of any entity is over, it vanishes from our life. To better understanding of these relations, Vedic Astrology has divided the natal chart into 12 houses. Each house has its own significance. How we are meeting and dealing with the people in our daily life.

All has been ruled by the vedic houses. That all depend upon our perception towards others, ruled by the different houses in astrology. The Zodiac is degree and it is distributed among all the 12 houses equally. By that mean, every house is of 30 degree each.

The ascendant comes first and other 11 houses are following in succession. Houses are measured from cusp to cusp, hence Lagna Bhava or first house starts from when first beginning star rises at the time of birth. Mentioned below is the names of rulers for particular houses:.

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And after you gain your own experiences, it will represent the teachings that you will pass on to your students. If it is strong with benefics, the summary of the spiritual progress from 1st house to the 9th house will be used for social service, upliftment of the society and deeds even misdeeds if malefic influences predominate.

Some Gurus have huge followings and thus they have big names in the society.

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If malefics influence they might get put in jail too, infamy! So in a spiritual sense if the social recognition 10th house gets converted into ego, donations, wealth or the pomp and show of religious authority then there is a good chance that this will ruin the entire scope of the chart. The last test. It will pull you away from them illusions of manifested reality and show you your huge self.

Ketu associated here in some way will help. This house needs to be strong with aspects from benefics, so that the promise of spirituality of the chart culminates in Realisation. Now this was a very very basic outline of the spiritual potential of all the houses.

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Details are to be seen from the divisional charts, D-9, and D The more significant planets in spiritual context are of course Ketu, Venus and Jupiter. Then next the house owners of the 5th and 9th house are also significant and their placement and power to give results needs to be examined.

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All the planets will contribute in one way or the other so try and see patterns in the chart. Just a couple of examples for you to think on.. These periods will allow faster progress. Just like education, law and legal matters are of several types. This is the house of legal stuff. Bargains, contracts, partnerships made under the legal regime are seen from here. To present a good argument you will always need a good 7th house. This house allows you to present coherent arguments sourced from the legal texts in court.

This is a practical application of the law where one wronged party seeks redress and legal compensation from his partner under the contracts they both had willingly made under the prevailing legal regime. This house will also cover and out of court settlements via an arbitrator, settlement officer, facilitator, etc.

Here too the process is essentially same as in a court room but with a difference. Both parties have decided to accept a third person whose authority they both agree upon, as a mediator. And both want to reach a mutually amicable and acceptable solution. These settings are a bit informal as compared to the courtroom setting. Now to do a complete analysis of this 7th in terms of legal issues is somewhat like this. You will have to consider all the houses and their results in the perspective of the 7th.

The people who are involved in resolving the issues are peers, authorities and senior member of the society but they sort of step down. They are the philosophers but they come down to the practical levels to solve your arguments 9th is 3rd from 7th. This brings you stability in the professional relations or emotional stability and comfort in the eyes of the society 10th is 4th from 7th.

The matters of this house often require you to express yourself intelligently and in front of a large audience 11th is 5th from 7th. Then all this results in a more balanced and fair expression of your partnership, thus adding to your personal ego 1st is 7th from the 7th. Now often legal issues and court cases result in a a change in your personal resources, may reduce them or increase them the 2nd is the 8th from the 7th. Now this will spill over in your professional comfort and acumen also; and you will in some ways be a better father to your own biological children 4th is 10 from 7th.

If your luck is with you, you might make a mark which will bring you more sources of income 5th is the 11th from the 7th. And finally the loss of balance and unfairness is represented by the placements of the 6th house 6th is the 12th of the 7th. This sort of analysis may seem quite tedious, but it answers your question completely. If you have a strong 9th house as above, the judges will favour you, if the 2nd house is well placed you will gain money from the legal case etc.

Now the natural 7th sign of the zodiac is Libra and its lord is Venus , so these 2 factors will also influence the matters of the 7th wherever they may be placed in the horoscope. Then how the person feels about legal matters will be seen from the 7th house counted from the moon sign. Analysing these factors will present a complete picture of the legal activities of the 7th house. Now the 9th house is always the philosophy and the theoretical background. It may not have any real practical use, but it is the foundation on which the practical use rests.

Example, The Parliament deliberates on how new laws are to be made; these are working in the 9th house now. And then these laws are interpreted in the higher courts as a function of the 9th. In most cases interpretation is not needed here as the laws, case laws and rules are are clear enough. But for a few cases where the lower courts are unable to satisfy the litigants the scene shifts to the higher courts which have been vested with the power of interpretation.

These higher courts interpret the existing laws in newer ways to get to a new case law. This is how the group of paternal figures, peers, patrons and senior scholarly individuals use the philosophy and intent of the law. This house is always important as it describes the personal boldness and the ability to meaningfully communicate.

This ability is necessary for every aspect of life and especially in settings where you have to argue. Fight with words! And second, this house also consists of the practical applications of law in every sense. Here if you break a rule, no one will drag you to the formal courts. This might seem rather low profile and harmless at the time, but will have repercussions the next time you want your allowance increased!


Then the emotional context and comfort levels are seen from the 3rd house counted from the moon sign. Analysing these factors will present a complete picture of the legal activities of the 3rd house. This was the theory on analysing how your legal problems will be resolved and how will every aspect of your chart contribute it. I hope this helps! It is quite common to see people indulging in multiple marriages. A sequence of marriage, divorce, remarriage or multiple spouses together at the same time.